Fitting Panhard Bar

Hi, I have removed a seized panhard bar on my 62 Mark 2 by cutting it off. Bought a new one from Barratts but cannot for the life of me get it between the 2 mounts with any bushes on it. The car is on a hoist. No load on the rear end at all. I cannot move the rear axle left or right to any discernible degree to get the &^^%$$ thing between the mounts. Any ideas please? Do I need to remove the diff from the rear spring to do that? My repair manual suggests it should simply fit when fully threaded in… Mine does not. Should the rear end move laterally easily? Mine does not. Thanks

I take it you have unscrewed the thread from the bar fully ! image

Unscrewed?? Do you mean screwed it in??

Most probably. I just changed mine and had to screw “in” the threaded end about an inch of so before it would fit. Installed the diff end first, then collapsed the rod until the outer end fit. With weight off wheels it was very straight forward.

Yes sorry , screw it in , then out to tighten it up so your Axle is set right !