Fitting S3 trunk lock to XJC: that little rod

So I thought fitting a S3 chrome plinth to my XJC would be easy… :rofl:

Long story short, the S3 lock mechanism is now in place but opening the trunk requires the handle to be pushed higher than the chrome plinth allows.

I believe that the S2 rod that now connects the S3 lock mechanism to the S2 latch is too long. I believe that for the system to work as intended, the travel of the handle should be reduced by more than half and for this, the actuating rod should be 1 inch shorter.

I wonder if someone could confirm my hypothesis and even have a photo of complete S3 setup showing that little rod.

Thank you.

Here is what I currently have:

If I remember correctly, the inside handle arm has a lot of free movement, something like 30°, because when the lid closes the lock pushes the rod upwards as it latches.
When at rest, the arm should be all the way down.
You can adjust the amount of travel by mounting the rod on a different hole on the handle arm.

Cut the rod and bend it in a Z shape so by bending the rod and trying the various holes on the handle arm you can find the best combination.

Sorry can’t take a photo as I covered all the holes…


Maybe ask a Rod Stewart ?

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Wow, the S3 is far less spartan than the S2!! Lights, covers… I want all these creature comforts!! :slight_smile:

No less than… 8 screws to hold a small steel cover!! Jaguar over-engineering at its best :slight_smile:

I knew you would, that’s why I posted the photo…!

No, that’s me going overboard.
No covers originally.

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So I went with a piece of coat hanger hooked safely in both ends. Now works perfect :slight_smile:

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