Fitting to connect US world to XK120 FHC fuel rail engine W8057

Amateurish question but search as i might the pipe nomenclature is different enough so i don’t feel confident i am looking at the right fitting. The male British fitting is much longer than our typical flare fittings. I want to go from the fuel rail to a pipe fitting, say 1/4 or 3/8 to feed fuel to the engine for a shop floor start.

There are hundreds of pictures of fuel piping available but what i want to know is what the name of the piping system if that uses ferrule fittings on Jag fuel lines.

By fuel rail, I presume you mean the pipe with banjo fittings that connects to the two float bowl lids.
The thread system is British Standard Pipe or BSP, or sometimes you see it called BSPP for British Standard Pipe Parallel, meaning not tapered.
Here is a US company that sells fittings to connect BSP to NPT.
Another is

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Thank you very much for the reply. I am talking about the short pipe with the two banjo fittings but it has a non-removal ferrule on it which makes me doubt it is simply a pipe fitting straight or tapered. Maybe it is not original.

I have looked at this fitting for the 20th time now. I believe i was wrong in saying it has a non-removable ferrule, It looks like a standard ferrule that was swedged onto the pipe when tightened. We (US) cannot use ferrule fittings for brakes or fuel so i was misled thinking the UK was the same…maybe not in 1953. BUT the length of the male ferule fitting is definitely longer than our fittings so our females do not work. Maybe metric but i doubt it.

That sounds right. A rotatable tube nut and an olive ferrule.

XKs Unlimited has the braided hose.

Thank you. That helps a lot.


The ferrule won’t move so the female fitting length is an issue. I am sorely tempted to cut it off, anneal it and flare it to connect it safely with available and tried and true fittings. Every once in a while i hear of engine fires in Jags. Maybe nothing to do with the fittings but…

Do you have the old braided hose? If so, you can cut the crimped sleeve which will leave you a hose barb fitting with the correct threads.

Hi Tedz,
Here in England, that is called an ‘olive’, as already mentioned. They are usually made of brass and are soldered on to the pipe. There is a particular type nut that sits behind it on the pipe, which I have always known as an olive nut.
See here- brass barrel olives:

Thank you all for the thoughtful responses. The question now is where to find olive nuts. I’ll search and get through the food sites!!


In the US they are called compression fittings and the olive sleeve is called a ferrule. They are just squeezed on by tightening the fittings, not soldered. The single ferrule is an older design. Double ferrule designs are taking over that market now.
Hopefully they won’t be found on food websites. :laughing:

Out of curiosity I measured the thread and it is 9/16-24 UNEF, so not BSP after all. The 3/8" ferrule should be found in any US hardware store.

Thanks again. I doubt i would have ever figured that out but now i can order the female connector. Helps a lot.