Fixing manette control

As I understand well the manette control doesn’t turn when you are turning the steering wheel. the manette control is fixed to the steering wheel with 2 grub screws but how do I prevent the manette tot turn when the steering wheel is turned?? The only solution I can see is to fix the inner column from the manette (holds the manette wiring loom). There is a bracket with bolt at the end of the steering unit but its unlikely for me to fix the wiring loom there… Do I overlook something, any advise/comments more than welcome
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The tube coming out of the manette is about 20 cm long but it slots into a much longer tube within the steering column and that longer tube emerges at the very front of the steering box. At that point there is a little clamp that prevents the long and short tubes from turning when the steering wheel is turned.

The long and short tubes have a tag and slot coupling them together so that both are prevented from turning by the clamp on the front of the steering box but the short tube attached to the manette is permitted to slide in and out of the long tube so that the steering wheel reach adjustment can be accommodated.


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The grub screws just prevent it pulling out.

Here is the clamp at the front end holding the stator tube.


Yes, slightly different look, but same idea in a MKV,


The bottom disc of the manette control is a bearing and locator to lock the manette into the wheel hub. Check that this turns freely and give it a bit of oil. It seats on the ledge in the bottom of the hub and the grub screw pointed ends then tighten onto the edge of this disc to lock it. The cut out in the edge is only to provide access to the screws behind for dismantling.

The dimples at the end of the tube engage with the tube in the column. The column tube should not project past the end of the steering box. The sheath that wraps the cables terminates outside the box to allow the cables to separate for the junction block. Wrap any areas of damaged sheathing with insulation tape.

Note that if you are sourcing a replacement manette that the cable harness is shorter for the 1 1/2L, but is otherwise the same as the bigger models.