Fixing the door rear view mirrors

Good evening everybody,

after a season during which I had some welding and painting done on my car and replaced the rear chrome bumper I’m getting back to some minor things that keep bothering me, one of them being the vibration - or rather shaking - of my driver’s side rear view mirror.

My car is equipped with the elegant stainless gooseneck mirrors, not the more boxy ones equipped with remote control.
There is a base plate, the goose neck and finally the mirror part connected with a ball joint. I can handle the ball joint connection the friction of which is controlled by the large nut. The shaking of the driver’s side mirror is caused by a loose connection of the goose neck to the base plate. The passenger’s side mirror is tight and doesn’t shake, so I suppose that a better fit is possible.

Short from opening up the door and getting access from inside the door - does anybody know whether the fit of the goose neck part is adjustable by design or - if not - can be manipulated by some bending, squeezing in washers etc. in the first place?

Any idea welcome


75 XJ6L 4.2 auto (UK spec)

Hi Jochen, I have similar and I fitted a new passenger side one a few years ago. Forgotten how it fits up, will have a look when I get home. Paul

I think the only way to do it properly is the hard way! Maybe you could wedge a fine O ring around the base? I have done same to firm up windscreen jets. Paul

Thanks Paul!

Indeed, my mirrors are identical to yours. I don’t know the mechanism, but from the (tight) left mirrors it seems as if the goose neck is fixed by some kind of spring mechanism, the tension of which is lost on my (loose and shaky) right mirror. So, yes, I’m afraid that either for fixing this spring or for replacing the mirror (replacement parts are available) I’ll have to go the long way and pull it from inside the door.

Interestingly, though, the ROM only describes removal of the remote control mirrors (76.10.52), but not removal of the simple parts. Is it possible to get access to the bolts by removing only the upper part of the door trim?

Thanks again and enjoy spring in Oz


75 XJ6L 4.2 auto (UK spec)

My memory is that I had the door card off at the time so no issues. As you suspect there is a bolt and spring directed into the arm from the base. On my car I repaired the RHS and bought a new one for the LHS about three years ago. I think that the window sill panel on your car might run a little lower than on my car - you might just get away with no removing the door card? Also easier on your car as Series 2 cars are absent the quarter window IIRC? Good luck. Paul

Thanks Paul,

I tend to think that SI and SII doors are pretty much identical metal wise. SII cars also have quarter windows, but - maybe as a result of an expected-to-be improved heating and ventilation system or to save costs - they cannot be opened.

From looking at the ROM it seems as if access required a total disassembly: armrest, doorcard and - finally - the upper part. Seems like I’m going to get my brain adjusted to the shaky image of the mirror instead …

Good night


75 XJ6L 4.2 auto (UK spec)