Fixing the XK120 door hinge tapping plate in place

On page 393 of the book Jaguar XK120 Explored, the door hinge tapping plates are depicted secured to the doors by pop rivets. There’s no mention of any other arrangement. This is a pic of the cleaned-up original tapping plates from my current project

One of the lower plates was secured to the door with pop rivets but the other wasn’t secured at all. What I’m looking for advice on is the upper plates. They were bolted in place in the case of my December '53 production car. The nuts and bolts themselves were the correct BSF items. Correct or incorrect?

I had thought it was a simple question easily answered.

A shout out to Harold out in BC who has my email address and responded directly. For those who were wondering themselves, the later XK120 at least employs BSF nuts and bolts to secure the upper tapping plate.