Flash Drive Service Manual vs. Mac?

Ahoy !
Does anyone have actual experience using Barratts’ S-Type Service Manual, Flash Drive formatted for PC on a Mac computer ? Generally, I am aware there are means to do the conversion; however, I am not computer savvy and so, I definitely need an experienced person to hand me a shopping list eg: download this brand of virtual machine; get this App; purchase your Windows O/S from here…
Or, whatever the solution is.
This forum has been my life line - Thank you, All - because I have been technically not able to access the service manual.
Richard Cielec
Greater metro Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A.

no idea. Can you give them a call? Generally, windows-formatted drives work, and if it is just a .pdf you can read it without installation of anything.
If anything beyond is taking place (i.e. there is an interactive part that required 32-bit you will probably be cheaper off buying a very old windows laptop. The virtual machines or especially boot camp (where the mac starts into actual windows) are annoying and use lots of space. However, you don’t necessarily have to pay if you download your windows from Microsoft somehow - at least I didn’t and couldn’t figure out how. Plenty of help online, i.e. on YouTube.
Can’t you just buy it and, worst case, send it back or sell? You might be just fine.