Flasher indicator hazard relay wires

is number 30 the 12v live, and 86 the earth… the other two pins must supply switch and indicators…is that correct the diagram is for relay wires only as the issue I have is indicators stopped working along with hazards …No its not the fuse,so Im looking at the relay… but I forgot where the four wiers that wer eattched go now its been removed D,ho…anthony

From your diagram yes, so….?
Check your hazard switch too. I believe it can cause that

Thanks for that I think your right about hazard switch Will deal with it later today thanks again… Anthony

I believe this is the link address to the video that was rejected…Thank you… Anthony

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Dont know how to get info to you other than the media I use, must be difficult if you write a book and someone tells you their interested in the subject, but dont read books…Where do I post the information so as you can see it, and be comfortable at the same time…Thank you Anthony…

You could post it here, couldn’t you?