Flashers - not the raincoat kind

Hello all - I have just installed some LED light boards for the rear lights and front marker/directional lights on my '64 E-type FHC. The wiring is pretty simple, and I purchased the flasher unit recommended by XKs Unlimited where I bought the lights. The lights are manufactured by classic Auto LEDs LLC and the replacement flasher unit is to address the lower current draw that apparently will not actuate the stock flasher unit.
The lights work as marker lights and brake lights - and the signal lights work but do not flash. In the past (read '70s when I drove my MGB) if the signals came on and didn’t flash, there was usually one light burned out. I have tried two identical flashers that are the ones recommended on the website, a third that is blue and was recommended by a guy at XKs but I think he is just a salesman - it is for the negative earth cars - (btw mine is positive earth) - and the original incandescent bulb flasher - none of which make the lights flash. The wiring is very simple, the ground on positive earth boards is YELLOW and I attached it to earth as noted. I had to build a little jumper because the earth was also connected to the frame of the light assembly. The rear lights are different but ground wires were provided for that set of lights and were straight forward. Has anyone installed these lights on their E-type and had to find another source for flasher units? The new lights are very bright and I really want to have them work as they will improve the visibility of the car dramatically when braking/turning. Thoughts?


this same topic seems to come up all the time.
recommend you read thru this thread I started a while back

I can tell you from experience the XKS flasher will not work with LEDS on all for corners. look at their own schematic on the side, it simply says “lamp” for one half of each circuit. LEDS do not draw enough current to make it flash if installed front and back.

same for the can flashers you have there.

you need the red flasher in listed in the thread. or you can add resistors etc.
save yourself the hassle and order two of the red ones. one for turn signals, one for the hazards, if you car has them

Bob F

also see post 109 for the clicking flasher that works

I suppose adding the twist of positive earth could bollox the deal on the red flasher…I am not opposed to going back to bulbs on the front corners - the rear is where I want to have the lights the most…
I need to spend more time on the forum to learn how to find topics more readily…

There are load resistors that can be added to the rear lights to mimic the load that incandescent produce, that may be a short term solution:

quite possibly, however as I look at your picture of the flashers you have it appears to me you have the same neg ground blue flasher from XKS that I reviewed. Did they tell you that would work with a positive ground car?

Bob F

That’s how I did mine. It added a bit of amp draw to the LEDs but since the turn signals aren’t on continuously (unless you are over 70 :laughing:) I didn’t think that was a significant issue. You still get the advantage of instant on and off flashing plus brighter flashes.

How true!! :rofl:

Bob - Yes they did - but I think they are only sales folks there, I think there may have been more technical knowse when Jason was still there.

Thanks John - I checked and they are negative earth - my 64 predates that - they did note that having some incandescents on the line will make them work, so today I will put the front markers back to incandescent - they said the rear LEDs should work then with the flasher they sold me (not the blue one…) p

Thanks - these did the trick! The earlier discussion noted that the XK’s flasher would work with just the rear lights changed, but I bought all four corners. So I picked up a couple resistors and wired them in parallel to the front LED boards (the new lights are boards of LEDs that fit in the reflector). Soldered on bullet connectors and just had to add double connectors (two in, two out). The XK’s flasher worked fine after that. Thanks again for the help folks!

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FYI, I have LED’s both front and rear and these flashers work great. You will need 2, one for the turn signals and one for the 4-ways.
FL3-RED-K: 3 Pin Red American Flasher $12.95, bought from Super Bright LED’s

I used that one for the 4 ways and this one for the signals for the clicking sound. The FL3-RED-K does not click.

Now if only there was a less expensive option…
CEC Industries EF33RL Flasher https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B00JXLHE8S/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_tai_mqGIEbB0SNS76