Flickering brake lights!

So this morning I was on my way to work and looked in my rear view mirror while braking and noticed my 3rd brake light was flickering. I thought maybe the light strip was acting up, but when I was backing into my parking spot I looked at the car behind me and saw that all of my brake lights were flickering. I put it in park and pressed the pedal and my lights stayed solid, but on the second press they flickered and my interlock flickered too! I know there’s a pedal switch and that ground wires can be an issue, anything else? I looked in the archives, but didn’t see exactly this problem

went in today and checked, cleaned and lightly dielectric coated my grounds. I did find my right connector was melted at some point. I cleaned that up too and double checked my added light grounds. I tried it and it flickered a little bit, but then stayed solid. I drove around about 30miles and I didn’t see it flicker at all, however I still think I need to check the brake switch to be sure I don’t just loose my ability to shift, not to mention the possibility of getting rear ended!

On my 1999 XK8 brake lights would not work unless a lot of pressure applied. Switch also operated the shifter interlock. New switch fixed it, switch replacement is easier if the fasteners under the bonnet are accessed. That way the whole bracket can dropdown.

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Do you have to tear apart the cowling to get to the fasteners under the bonnet? Are you able to just replace the switch? I thought I saw something about having to replace the whole harness or something