Flipping licenseplate

The looks of the XK8 are just superb. There’s one thing though that has been irritating the moment I bought the car: the licenseplate that was mounted on the bumper, right in front of the beautiful E-type-like mouth. I wanted the plate to be lower, underneath the bumper even. Problem: speed bumps and other obstacles in the road.

Solution: a two-ways flipping spring operated plate holder! Works fantastic.


And no scratching, or flipping over at speed? Great idea, even better if legal!

For the uninitiated this is a depiction of a regular Dutch speed bump

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Love it. You should record a clip of it in motion. I would dread living someplace that requires the front plate. I agree that front of that xk8 is beautiful and should not be covered ever.

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Alberta is a rear plate only jurisdiction since 1991. Ergo, none of my Jaguars have been sullied with a front plate. I like it that way. New cars, destined for Alberta from the factory, don’t have the front license holder installed. Rather it is left in the trunk.

My 2001 XK8 came that way from it’s arrival in New Jersy. No front plate, no braket.
When I got dinged at a Concouse, I fought it and won as there were none to be had
from factory supply or after market. I do also carry the other plate in the trunk and
bring it out for shows, displayed on the dash. Problem solved!