Flooded spare wheel well

Hi, I have just purchased a 09 X type estate and the spare wheel well has an inch or two of water in it. Is there a particular place that is prone to leaking on this model? TIA.

Two things: 1) There should be a drain hole; pull everything out of the trunk and unblock it: 2) The most likely culprit is the trunk lid weather seal is gone. Replace.

I had popped the grommet and drained it out and I dried it as much as possible but couldn’t see any evidence of where it came in. Tailgate seal looked okay but I will look closer in the morning.

My '06 was that way when I got it about 10 years ago. The tailgate seal is pliable and looks excellent. My car doesn’t appear to have had any body repair. I’ve seen water enter behind the tailights on other vehicles. Short answer, I have no idea, but I leave the bottom plug out.

You might try pulling everything out of the trunk and taking it through an automatic car wash and then seeing what is wet after.

I can’t get to a car wash at the moment but will dig the pressure washer out and give it a soaking.