Florida, Hurricane IRMA

Any J-L listers dealing with this ?


Yeah… i live in miami. The e-type is safe at the shop in boca raron where its being out back together. Sturdy metal building, up on a lift. Engine is not in yet but was lifted up 3’ so it will be fine, unless they get hit by a tornadoe. I was worried for a while as the storm was forecast to pass on this side

Altogether on the east coast, we dodged a bullet. It s blowing 60kts right now so ite really no big deal despite what the Drama Queens of The Weather channel want us to believe

I m watching all this from a hurricane hole anchored in Eleuthera Bahamas. I m a yacht captain and took the 84 footer i run there which is about 200nm east of miami. We re just getting some breeze, not even rain. But it was a close call as until thrusday night i wa planning on taking it to tampa. Then late in the evening after the forecasts had been shifting west all day i decide to head east to the bahamas. Glad i did. My own boats are farily secured in miami, My 53 well secured (ite undergoing a full refit and fetting new engines in a few weeks so it couldnt be moved) and my sailboat is tucked in deep in a canal…

I hope the collier museum in naples makes it trhu this, it s one of the best private classc car museum in the country.

I’m hoping the best for all down there. Very worried about the storm surge which is mostly what took out much of the NYC area during Storm Sandy. Storm wasn’t that bad but the surge took out a lot of stuff. Media is making noise about a 9ft+ surge on land 3ft above sea level, can’t even get my head around that. I have a Jag friend on one of the islands, also a boat captain. Said he was battened down and generator starts on first pull but haven’t heard a word since. I hope all that’s wrong is all communications are down.

I have house in St John VI that is fine, and a condo on Madeira Beach Fl, right in the crosshairs. The E and my wife and I are in Vermont watching on the internet.

Even though you’re safe, most important, it must be horrible to question what is happening to your condo.

I live in the NE corner of FL. My major concern is flooding on Amelia Island, so I put my OTS inland in storage. Saltwater and Jags don’t mix well. Turns out the car is 30 miles closer to the eye of the storm.
I hope everyone on the west coast of FL stays safe. / Dave

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I hope the same!! From the TV drama it would appear that the storm is so wide that no place in FL is going to escape. The western coastal areas being worst but east coast has tornado warnings so best of luck to everyone!!

Best of luck to all and your jags…

The condo was spared by the storm. I don’t know the car there did with storm surge.
The hardest part is waiting hear.

“The hardest part is waiting hear.”

Yeah, exactly! And with power out and phones off, that’s pretty difficult.

I have a vacation home on the Gulf coast, 50 miles north of Tampa and we have just spent an anxious weekend waiting to find out what has happened, trying to contact friends and neighbors down there.

The town was originally in the direct path of the storm until it veered inland somewhat, so we missed wrath of the actual hurricane apart from some broken tree limbs and power outages.

The worst part was waiting to see if the predicted storm surge would occur today, where the water from the Gulf which was previously pushed out to sea comes rushing back to shore with a vengeance and coupled with a high tide, floods the whole area. This already happened twice before in the past 25 years.

The last time was a year ago and I had to drop everything and rush down to Florida to fix up the house after hurricane Hermine flooded most of the homes in the neighborhood.

So far, I haven’t heard that there has been a flood so I’m just keeping my fingers crossed.

Good luck Clive!!! To you and all the others impacted.

Thanks Paul.

In our case, I think we just dodged the bullet as far as I can find out. We just have no power for 7 to 10 days which is why the news is slow getting out…