Flush T positioning

I installed a flush T while my h2o is out…removed the heater hose on right rear of engine that goes to the control valve behind engine…replaced hose with gates 5/8 ID…have a gentle curve in hose with T in about the middle ….and my question is how high should the top of the flush T be…I have it positioned closer towards the window fluid tank so it does not kink… should the cap on the T be lower than the filler neck top, etc…how close to the diagonal brace etc…any thoughts on this

That looks good. You’ll figure out if it could be better when you fill your coolant.

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Mine is a bit harder to get to than yours, but I cut the new molded heater hose to help maintain that good 90 turn up from rail. Is yours a regular straight hose? Looks a bit kinked?

Its a little bit flat because the hose was at end of roll…it will open more after it gets warmed up after we replace radiator hose that rubbed stabilizer bracket and got a hole in it…I thought about looking for a 90 degree molded elbow hose for the side that goes to the engine…if I do Ill post what I find…I could add a nylon elbow there…but more clamps

Found a 90 …trimmed it and this is better