Flywheel position problems

I am working on a replacement 4.2 engine for my 2004 S-Type. According to all assembly instructions I have read the pin that locates in the Crank position hole sets TDC.
On this engine when the crank locating pin is in the flywheel it is 45deg off. Both front pistons are about 3/4" down the bore.
The flywheel locating pin in the end of the crankshaft is broken off.
For me to set TDC I have to.

  1. Set #1. piston to TDC.
  2. Put flywheel in position with crank locating pin in place.
  3. Install flywheel retaining bolts.
    The keyway for the timing chain gear is in 6 o’clock position when both front pistons are 3/4" down each bore.
    Is there something here that I am missing??

The AJV8 Jaguar engine DOES NOT time at TDC!!!

I appreciate the reply. So what is the sequence or where will I find the information?


Get on the internet search to look for a copy of my Engine Repair Course Code 168.pdf.

It is a 9mb .pdf that I had converted from my paper issued course material from Jaguar training.

It has the V8 and V6 engine info.

The cam/crank timing is 45 degrees AFTER TDC so NO PISTON is at TDC when the head is in place with a possible valve open.

You can install the cams and rotate them without valve damage.


Many thanks for your help. I did not want to risk hitting the valves until I had an answer to what I thought was a problem.
Now I can finally assemble the motor.
My next problem is removing the old motor from the car. It threw a rod so has limited movement of the crank. Any thoughts would be appreciated.


Remove the engine and gearbox as an assy or pull the gearbox with the engine on a SEVER TILT with the torque converter still on the drive plate.

I had to do this on a 1999 XJ8 recently and then the engine was disassembled to get the crank to rotate.

The bell housing will clear if the engine has enough downward angle to allow rearward movement.