Foam donuts over each shock

Need to replace the foam donuts over each shock, do they make silicone donuts? How big a job is this to replace all 4?

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I don’t own an XK8 but I would be staying with the original style personally, I think there would be too much resistance with what you are looking at. Just my 2c

It would be a violation at a concours to modify the body, including exhaust, at least in the judged events. I believe the rules in amateur judging does look at the engine bay (bonnet) or the trunk (boot).

Bob Allen

Thank you, appreciate the info.

I just replaced my front strut mounts with the Welsh industries urethane mounts. I haven’t done much driving yet, but I heard good things about them, and they looked good too. Not to mention, both for $150 was a decent price

Thank you. Do they make donuts for front and rear?

It looks like it, I’m not positive if the rear are urethane or not. If you Google “Welsh Jaguar” the site should be one of the first ones. I actually looked on eBay, and Welsh had the same mounts a few dollars cheaper on there. So that’s where I bought them through