Fog Lamp mountings

My 140 SE came to me with the fog lamp holes filled and the lamps missing. I’m trying to research how to get the correct items here, but am getting confused. 'Bobine’s website goes into some detail about length of fixing bolt, pedestal extensions etc. as it seems Jaguar decided the lamps needed to sit higher. I know I need to find lamps with the smooth top retaining casting, but does anyone have any leads on how to mount them correctly?


You’ll need the special Fog lamps brackets BD.9242 & 43.which are fixed to the bumper brackets. Your SE should still have the correct mounting holes for these in the bumper brackets. Together with the special Distance Collar BD.9240 (2x) you will obtain the correct height automatically. See also attached photo.
Not all SFT 576 fog lamps have these longer fixing bolts, hence my remark. As far as I remember, later solutions had a longer nut (fitting within the special collar) to be used in combination with SFT 576s that had the (standard) shorter fixing bolts. Contact me if you need more info.

Bob K. (a.k.a.“Bobine”)

Hi Bob,
Thanks very much for the response. Forgive me if I’ve got this wrong, but I think therefore I will need to either 1) find the distance collars and longer tubular bolts, or 2) find the distance collars and the special longer nuts (with obscure cycle threads). Is that right, and if so does anyone know of availability of any of these parts? SNGBarratt list the nut 5220, but as you point out on your incredibly helpful website this number is usually misused and applies to the standard length nut. Oddly, SNG note that ‘these nuts are not compatible with SFT576’, which makes me wonder what use they are!

Feeling quite pleased with myself - I’ve just bought a pair of SFT576s on ebay from a US seller. They are dated 1958 and 1959 so not a million miles off my 140, and in virtually new condition. Incidentally in my searches I found one for sale with a date stamp of March '62, which seems quite late for that style to me.

I’m hoping these have the longer style of thread, but if not I should be able to find a way around it. Coventry Auto Components sell a fitting kit so I’ll see if that does the trick.


Glad you already solved your problem and found a pair of correct Fog lamps. The Fitting Kit of Coventry Auto Components looks very complete. Note that this kit is basically made for the XK 150 (which uses the later “high nut”) and therefore can be used even with the short fixing bolt. But nobody will see the difference on your 140!

Bob K.


You might find the part 503014 available from Holden Electrical in England to be what you guys need. That part number is for the long stem bolt, washer and nut.

These parts were originally for raising the fog lamps (also the flasher with double filament bulb) on Rolls-Royce / Bentley cars.

Thanks for the tip - hopefully I won’t need it. Wonder if they stuck with the cycle thread? I doubt it.

My car also had no fog lamps and the holes filled. It looks like the lamps I have bought have the short bolt , so will need the kit.


I dont think your problem is what you are calling ‘having a short bolt’. All SFT576 Foglamps have the same Fixing Bolt. What you need is the correct Sleeve-Nut that secures over the Fixing Bolt, and thus allows the lamp to be secured to the Plinth panel and Foglamp Bracket underneath (which in turn is secured to your bumper brackets) The whole mounting assembly is extremely robust, but you must have all the right parts to ensure both alignment of mounting holes are correct, and the Foglamps are mounted at the Jaguar design height (to satisfy Lighting regulations for FogLamps)

I have fully detailed all the bumper-brackets, foglamp brackets, and Plinths plinths in PLate 10-j2 and PLate 10-j3 in my book JAGUAR XK140 EXPLORED, but not fully the actual Foglamp Fixing Bolts, spacers, and special Sleeve Nut, thus see attached photos showing all the parts assembled, and also disassembled in assembly order…

If you still have any questions I can elaborate further, and more photos, but you will note that you must have all these correct parts eirther originals if you can locate them, or indeed reproductions if anyone supplies them - I haven’t specifically looked for a source of reproduction.

The Rubber-Grommet fits within the hole in the Plinth Panel, so you can see what is thus visible above the Plinth Panel, and what is only seen below the plinth panel.



In fact Jaguar mentions two different Nuts “securing Fog Lamp to Mounting Bracket” for the XK 140 and 150. The XK 140 SPC refers to Nut Jaguar C8295/6 (Lucas 180377) which is the low nut version. In addition the same XK 140 SPC mentions “Nut securing Fog Lamps to Brackets” with Jaguar code BD.9241 which is the special long nut that fits within Distance Collar BD.9240.
For the XK 150 this is more or less identical (the low nut 180377 is still listed however now with Jaguar code 5220 instead of C.8295/6) but the longer nut got a new code BD.14163 due to the fact that the Distance Collar changed for which we assume that this version is slightly longer.

Still strange that Jaguars refers to two different nuts that had the same purpose! Unless of course Jaguar started XK 140 production in September 1954 using SFT576 fog lamps that had the longer fixing bolt (like manufactured for Rolls Royce & Bentley that also used a Distance Collar; see picture).

Also note that at a certain moment Lucas switched back to longer fixing bolts for all SFT (and SLR) 576 models for which the low nut 180377 is used.


Bob K.

Just to offer help to those trying to get this right on their own cars, I have now received the kit from Coventry Auto Components and it seems to do the trick very nicely.
I have a May '55 lamp shell, correct for my month and year of car (but unfortunately a spotlamp shell, not a foglamp one), which has what Bob refers to as the ‘short’ threaded bolt. The Coventry kit works fine - they even have the British Cycle Thread right - but it doesn’t come with any washers. The grommet is good.
In this photo, the backshell, threaded bolt and chrome seating washer are what came with the lamp, everything else (including angle brackets) is part of the CAC kit.