Fog light covers - What size in Hella brand? (Was "Fig light covers")

If I wanted to replace my fog light covers with Hella brand covers, what size do I get??? I mean by brand number…

Depends what style you have, perhaps post a picture?

My .02: There are better lights than the old incandescent… I am thinking I am going to replace everything…



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Some might say it leafs something to be desired.


Some lights can be quite obscene. Don’t Google it.

My 88 are Hella. I gave up trying to find covers.

You can get actual (used) Jaguar Growler covers on Ebay, but be prepared to spend $300 for good ones. (!!!)

You can buy the vintage Hella ones (used) for maybe $150 on Ebay, but they will say HELLA on them.

Mine have a crack anyways. Only way to fix is buy used, also expensive. My plan is to buy new more modern fog lights which will give me more choices of covers (i hope). I just hate losing the chromed originals. If you need your fog lights to be original vintage, you can find it all on eBay. $$$

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I was thinking there was a newtons law that had something to do with light , but I must of been thinking figs.

maybe fig leaf covers

Regular factory fog lights

Maybe it was Fig Newton’s law?

Trying to see through the fog of the many posts in this thread. Difficult to see the light at the end.

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I have purchased knock off replacement covers on ebay. Don’t know if they are still available but they are better than broken lenses

I am sure you will all 'fig’ure it out!