Fog Light Covers

So the original plastic fog light covers for my 88 XJS are in bad shape, with melted holes, etc., from previous owner. I’d like to replace them.

The original Jaguar ones are NLA, and used ones are in the $100’s!

I’d like good ol’ vinyl ones in plain black with foam on the inside and elastic on the edges, like the round KC ones. But it seems nobody sells the rectangular ones any longer?

Is there a choice out there?


My God. Year ago I’ve received entire front bumper with two fog lights, both with covers. I simply shoveled those away due to prick-look. It’s time to go back and search the junkyard.

Why don’t you get those 3d printed?

The ones with little growlers on them go for $100-300 depending on condition! No idea if anybody is actually paying that.

I assume our fog lights are a standard Bosch or Hella size, I just can’t find anything that is plain, and nothing in vinyl. Fog light covers are kinda old fashioned now, so not much around. Only real 4x4’s I think still use them.


Just drop a photo, that may help, should have few of those in my wife’s wardrobe.

of my old covers, or fog light, or both?

Both sounds most accurate.

Fog light and cover. And yes, my left one is cracked (but not all way thru)

Did some research, looks like my 88 Jag came with Hella 155 fog/driving lights. NLA.

Just read Kobey’s write up about fog lights, I may do what he suggests. Almost any aftermarket rectangular fog light will fit and look similar. And I may actually buy true amber fog lights, as that’s what I really need around the Pacific NW. The actual headlights can also be upgraded to H4, Hella makes a nice kit. So driving lights are not needed.