Foose Design Jaguar E-Type Roadster - Update

Ya can’t fault his skills, but I don’t think Foose’s effort can any longer be called a Jag. LS motor replacing the V12 turned this car into a lump, IMHO.

I am curious what materials he used to narrow the frame work . . .


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With that rear end, he shoulda just started with a C1 'vette… Chip is a very talented guy, but that is awful. I’d love to see what Dave Kindig would do with an E-Type. I think he’d show a bit more respect to the original…

Ray L.

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Why would you narrow the track if its just to get those extreme offset wheels in there? I would think its going to shorten the life of the front wheel bearings.
The last shot is either a very bad angle to shoot the boot/trunk or theres a lot of work to be done to get the shut lines better.

Yes, you’re right on that subject.
I do not see one single “improvement” to the original design.

I see a late model T-bird in that front end😩

Foose is a talented artist, but so is Jackson Pollock and I wouldn’t want to see his interpretation of the Mona Lisa.

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I think he only narrowed the track to get the wheels and tires in. Interesting how he’s mounted the differential.

I like it, but disappointed with no functional top and side glass, makes the car almost worthless in my opinion. Even if it never rains, who wants to be constantly baked in the sun. It’s a huge bypass of major work to go the parade car route, that’s usually why it’s done. BOO HISSS!

Amazing craftsmanship: that said, it’s really no longer a Jaguar. I like the free-standing windshield, and overall, the proportions look good.

The one element I really dislike is the tail lights.

That said, I ain’t the one payin’ the freight!

Yes… I applaud his talent and I applaud his creativity.

But the result is something only David L. could drive on an Oil Leak, and I would have to double check to see if it even has windshield wipers.


“Prediction is very difficult, especially if it’s about the future.”

Physicist Niels Bohr

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Yep Foose is creative and the car will be nice but I wonder if one were to sit the original S3 and his creation side by side and look at them objectively having never seen either before which one would be chosen. His is new, sleek and never seen before whereas we’ve been looking at the S3 for nearly 50 years.

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Getting rid of the Dagmars, is one…:wink:

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Naaaaaw: you or Livingston could ride that suckah like a cheap carnival ride!!!

more proof that there is not a car…that Foose can’t ruin. Not a fan. Nick

We can agree, to disagree, wrt to "any* car…:smirk:

Yeah, the only one.

I pretty much agree with the consensus. Foose is creative, talented, but this effort s a step backwards from the original design.

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I like the thinner headlight surrounds & maybe the split bumpers. But an art car should have an art engine. Maybe a v12?

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  1. In my very early years, we got along with cars that had no tops. rain or shine or even snow!!!

  2. I see two very nice creations.
    A. The original car, classic E.
    B. This almost new design, suggestive of an E.

Most of his creations are based on near derelict cars…
I used to enjoy the show, “Overhauling”.

Yes, but his skills are in design., Note the presence of the craftsmen that cut, bolted and welded.

Great topic…


The owner of the E-type is a member of the Los Angeles Jag Club. He has always liked to “improve” his cars. Foose a while back did a Porsche, early one and installed a VW split window in the rear. The Porsche guys must have gone nuts? Foose also made over a Lotus Europa and may have gone a little too far?

Does anyone remember the episode of Overhaulin’ where Foose did the 21-Window VW bus? He did it in maroon w/white, and added a few Porsche-style touches, and even added an extra pair of roof-mounted windows to make it a 23-window. The owner was a big, burly surfer guy who’d been keeping the perfect “canvas” stashed away for that “someday” restoration project.

I saw the van at a big VW show in Irvine a few years ago, and after looking it over, I heard a voice behind me say “Ahh, I haven’t seen it in a while”…I turned around, and it was the big, burly surfer guy!!

After listening in on his conversation for a few mins, I got the impression he just didn’t love what they had done with his bus, and he also didn’t enjoy the notoriety it brought. So, it sounded like he quickly sold the bus on to a Foose fan, and used the money to buy another bus that was more HIS taste.

After hearing that, I always wondered “will they keep it?” when watching that show.

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