Foose E-type pics from SEMA

I’m guessing the Foose E-type was officially unveiled at SEMA (?), because Instagram is FULL of pics of it.

Sorry Foose…

Yeah. What he said. That is an ugly mish-mash of styles that just doesn’t work.

Truly unfortunate wheels. It wouldn’t be as awful with something else, even swangers might look better.


The vented end of the power bulge is my “ewwww” bit.

Nice color.

Nope. It feels like he was imitating too many other designs and didn’t show much originality, and I don’t care for his original touches that he did do. I like the windshield. Like that he went clean and simple on rear end, although it feels too much like a C1 corvette. While I think the 275GTB was one on the loveliest designs ever, changing the front end of an E type to mimic it is a design cop out. Don’t care for the scoop on the power bulge. Don’t like the instrument panel, as it lacks any pizzazz and looks like something from a late 50’s Alfa or Fiat. Hate the wheels - they are awful. Don’t like the chrome strip along the sides - he went with minimal chrome adornment in most of the body but then stuck these on, making it appear he’s hiding a bad joint or seam above the rocker sills. And why, oh why, did he go with an LT1 power plant? Why not stay in the family and use the F-Type V8?

Pray it don’t ever rain…

Ray L.

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It used to be an E-type. Now it’s just another forgettable custom job.

…just like them what own Eagle Speedsters do!


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Why ??? He often messes up some otherwise good looking cars. I usually find his wheels to be a horrible mis-match for the rest of the car.

68 E-type FHC

I am reminded of a tutors remarks to a cheating student.

“Your work is both good and original, unfortunately what is good isn’t original and what is original isn’t good”


Man, this is a tough crowd!


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Tough crown indeed.

He should have make the tail lights horizontal to nod to the original.
I do like the lack of bumper overriders.
I like the cleaning -up of the cockpit edge.
Wagon wheel/rubber band tires have go to soon fade into history, please.
Great color.
Hate the side chrome, looks like body side moldings from the 80’s.

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Agree! Trying to be objective, its not ugly but not an improvement by any stretch. If one were to put a new E-type next to it and someone who had never seen either before in their life what would they choose.

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Interesting question, I wonder too.

Hi All, Aint nothing like the real thing cant improve perfection.

“It never rains in southern California”

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Again, this is still the best modern interpretation of the “E” :slight_smile:


I wish someone with deep pockets would build this one.

From past threads, I think I’m in the minority on this one, but I never cared for this interpretation of the E-type theme. I actually might prefer the Foose interpretation if Foose dropped the hood scoop and had a Series 1 inspired intake.

Probably the main feature I don’t like on this one is the side scallops. Too much like a C1 Corvette for me. An unnecessary styling frill. Maybe the air dam scoops are too angular - I don’t think E-types should have many edges and angles.