For my 420, it is spring time in October

Finally after a 5 year concours restoration of my 420 4 speed MOD spring time has come. Firstly it was the front coil springs from a major east coast supplier sagging 2 inches in one year. Then I purchase another set from a midwest supplier, sagging 2 inches in 2 years. Finally I had custom front springs made using a NOS spring kindly donated by a friend, the dimensions were duplicated as was the composition of the steel.
Coil Spring Specialties of Kansas made the correct springs with no sagging at all. If you are in need of front springs, contact them with the Jaguar part number and you will get what is well worth the money.
Secondly, I was always bothered by a driveline imbalance starting at 30-65 mph. Three driveshafts later, no better. NOS half shafts were used along with a new 3:54 diff. Still no better, then I noticed the rear engine mount spring had 5 coils in the parts book, my NOS spring only has 4…it was the wrong spring, it is for an E type. Ordered a 5 coil spring from a major east coast supplier. Still the vibration remained. Then found an old original spring from a 4 speed car, (automatics use a different spring).
Glass beaded it, painted it and had it installed…SUCCESS! Lesson, re use as much of the original parts as possible.
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