For Quick Sale: 1988 XJ-S, 6.0L (New Old Factory Stock), 700R4+Johns Kit, LHD Spiteri Headers, Wolf EMS

90% Completed Rust Free, I’m disabled, DAV, Recored Radiator, new everything, '95 Interior/Dash w/new leather, Factory Sunroof (uninstallled), New Calipers/Ventlated AP rear rotors, New front anodized drilled rotors, Quick Ratio Rack/Pinion, Bearings, Etc, Twin Electric Fans, Wolf Fully Sequential Engine Management w/Electronic dash (if you choose to use, Injectors Cleaned/Balanced. New (Last Stock) Factory 6.0L Engine, Alt, Water Pump, Rear Spoiler w/stop/turn function. 12 Vette Z06 Coils. Custom Aluminum Fuel Rails. 4 Beam + Glass E-Code Cibie Headlights. Many new extras, tools, Tru-Spoke 16x6.5". Bay City, Michigan (989) 890-5700 Martin Roth This car is for a knowledgable Jag Man, or, you have a hobby to learn from 'The Kirby Book".Perfectly stored 15 years post disability. US$10,000.00 OBO. This love of my life must Sell NOW; having surgery soon.

This should be in the Classifieds.

I know Paul; I tried. I thought I followed the directions correctly. I guess I failed. I’ll try again.



"How to use the Classifieds category of the Jag-lovers Forums
T** o post a new classified ad, first, click the Classifieds category from the main Forums page. Once in the category, click the “+ New Topic”
button above and to the right of the list of ads (each ad is considered
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In the window that opens, type in a title for your ad. This could be “1986 Jaguar XJ6 for Sale”, or “Wanted: Windshield for 1954 XK120”, or similar. Try to make the title as descriptive as possible, while still keeping it relatively short.

Underneath the title, and just to the right of the word Classifieds, there’s a drop-down menu that allows you to select a tag (keyword) for your ad. Click the plus sign and select either “4sale” or “wanted”. You must select one."

Under Forums, Under Classified, ‘without using, or using Tag 4 Sale,’ the “+ New Topic” Button does not work (It is muted grey, not Black). I even clicked on the bell and clicked normal notifications. In fact, I have accessed the correct area several ways (Sorry Gunnar)…it does not work.

I am not blocking any cookies, I am using Firefox Browser.

Does anyone have a clue for me? Thanks, in advance. Martin

Ya made it!!! :grimacing::+1:t2::wink:

just survived surgery and would be so into this if it was anywhere in canada but would advise you to keep the love of your life - in my experience there is no replacement available for love!!? good luck john

Is this a Chevy V8 conversion that you are selling for the XJS?

I am not sure of what is actually included nor what the sellers expectations of the sale items/price might be, all or item etc. Whenever would be appropriate.

Chris…am yet to successful return a message please use phone for immediate answers
Everything is one purchase for US10,000.00 OR BO. I got nearly 20k into it. Group buys you will never again find. Martin 989.890.5700


Wow, Martin.

Good luck with your surgery. I’m sure we all wish you the best.
Your car sounds wonderful. I wish that I were in a position to take it off your hands… although I must confess that I would swap all of your wonderful parts into the body of my '93 XJS convertible… which also has a clean body with no rust… for me, I love convertibles!!! … But, now is not the time for me, and I really don’t have a place to do the work, although I love the thought of it.

If you have any photos of your project, you should consider posting a few to the forum.

I’m sure that everyone would love to see your project, and it sounds delightful.

God bless you, and good luck with everything… not only the sale, but especially your surgery.


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