FOR SALE: 4 Jaguar XKE's

Hi Jaguar Community. I am helping very good friends of mine sell off 4 XKE’s. There are two coupes and two 2+2s. All projects. There is one 67 coupe (non matching numbers), one 67 2+2 (matching numbers, one 68 coupe (matching numbers ) and one 68 2+2 (non matching). They are all pretty complete. They all have titles. The photo shows the cars parked nose in. I know you will all know what the numbers are, more photos, prices, etc. I am listing this here because you are real buyers with real interest. Again, these are projects. They don’t run. They aren’t all together. All of the components are there. So let me know what you are interested in and have the funds. If you want a multi car deal, the price will be better.

The cars are in Washington State. International buyers welcome. Shipping at your expense. They will help load. Thanks for your interest. Let’s make a deal.

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If the silver coupe next to the yellow one is one of the coupes being sold, that is not a Series 1 (67 or 68). That car is at least a 69 series 2 car. Not a 67 or 68.

Thanks. Of course it is not.

interested in one or both 2+2’s.
Please contact with details/pictures/contact(s)…
Ari - Boston 617.285.0448

Since they are all ‘project cars’ it would be helpful have some idea of pricing to decide to buy. Ballpark figures or specific prices would be very helpful. Kind of like dangling a carrot in front of an unwilling horse or mule.

Hi Ari. Did you talk to Jesse yesterday?


Yes, I did, Janice. He called.

Ok great. I hope you gained the intel you were looking for.


Do you folks have a good number where I can call and inquire? thanks ron

Hi Ron,

Yes, please call Jesse at 425 802 8682. His shop owns the cars and has a large number of parts as well. Tell him Janice sent you the number so he has a frame of reference. I told him to expect your call. Thanks.


Hi All. Please serious inquiries only. We all know the FMV on the cars and parts. Thanks.