For those of us stuck with the dealer added door molding

My exterior door molding is in a sad state and unfortunately cannot be removed without a repaint of all 4 doors and the front fenders. Has anyone found a universal body molding that looks the least like a bad 80’s trim shop add on?

Are you talking about the vinyl inserts?

I bought some insert from Custom Auto Trim

Screenshot 2022-05-11 120731

Didn’t work well. If I remember correctly, the bottom did not fit into the metal channel. I think the bottom lip was too large. It was the correct size but slightly different profile.

Ended up reusing the old inserts. They were brown and weathered on top (supposed to be silver). I painted with vinyl spray paint, flipped them over and reinstalled. Happy with the result.

I don’t know what there is at the aftermarket world, but I have a Brown colour original moulding set.
It’s not pristine but in very decent shape and all the pieces are there.
PM if you are interested.