Formulae E with Kiwis

Just saw the high lights of Sau Paulo race. Jaguar 1 and 3 but 2nd place was also Jaguar power train powered. Oh and Kiwis take 1 and 2 :heart_eyes:


Jaguar Formula E now has 2 Kiwis in the team for next season YAA
Mitch Evans returns for next season along with Nick Cassidy who finished 2nd overall and Mitch being 3rd.

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I have tried watching the Formula E series a number of times.
Must be bad when the only thing interesting is when some idiot crashes.
It’s just not Motor Sports without a MOTOR.
The only Motor Sports I can stand are Vintage Sports Car racing and Isle of Mann TT.

Technically, perhaps: I can almost guarantee you, that, between the mirrors, it’s real racing.

Kiwis are really coming into their own, in these series…yay, them!