Forum members in Northern/Central Illinois (or Eastern Iowa)?

(Scott Johnson) #1

I started a topic yesterday about JCNA and the end result is I will probably end up joining my “local” Jaguar club, even though it is about 2 1/2 hrs away.

That said, I was wondering if there are any folks who frequent the E-type forum who happen to live in northern or central IL (including Chicagoland) or Eastern IA. If so, I hope to maybe meet up with you someday.


(Scott Johnson) #2

I’m going to take that as a no . . .


(Andy Mikonis) #3

Hey there. We’re in the city of Chicago with a Series 2 coupe. We were IL Jaguar Club Members for a bit and dropped out. It seemed all we were doing was the annual concours and you didn’t have to be a member to participate (or at least you didn’t then.) “Fuelfed” does some good Vintage European events in the Chicagoland area with several E-Types participating, and British Car Fest in Palatine, IL in September is impressive.

(Scott Johnson) #4

Great! Thanks for replying, Andy. Perhaps we’ll meet up somewhere down the road. I’m in the process of purchasing a Series 1 coupe, which has been off the road for a couple of decades and will require some refreshing. Hoping to be driving at least by summer, though.

(Rod) #5

I’m a member of the Chicago club for 40 years but I now live in Ann Arbor Michigan , 4 hours away. I have a 2nd home in Aurora and end up there a few days every month. I still make it to plenty of drives and events. The former president lives in Peoria, the current vice president lives in Dubuque Iowa. Not everybody has the luxury of being in the Chicago metro area.

Many of our drives end up in Wisconsin, Springfield(rt66), Galena, Dubuque and we have even headed to Traverse City Michigan, Auburn Indiana and Frenchlick Indiana. You may have a little farther to drive but I think you would find it worth it.

We have many older cars in the club. Our August “Northwoods Oil Leak Tour” had 6 XK’s and 2 etypes on a tour to North central Wisconsin. I’m planning on repeating the trip in August.

We also have a member in the club that has been professionally restoring older etypes and XK’s for over 40 years.

Sign up, give it a try.


(Scott Johnson) #6


Thanks! That’s very encouraging. I will definitely join the Chicago club.


(Robert and Darlene Stevenson) #7

Hi Rod,
When you speak of a member restoring XK’s and E’s for over 40 years I know exactly who you’re talking about and if I ever had the money or inclination to have a car restored by someone else Jim would be the 1st person that I’d talk to!

(Larry velk) #8

For more relaxed and scenic drives in Wisconsin I’d suggest an area bounded by a rough triangle - from Lake Geneva on a line to LaCrosse and then down to Dubuque, then back to Lake Geneva. Madison isn’t for cars, but as a university town, it has places to eat and is “vibrant” (but crazy, very far out ideas, street people and so forth - not a place for cars). I used to motorcycle that area extensively - I think the writer “Egan” lives in this area. He was a writer for Road and Track or Car and driver and often waxed about the roads around his house.
The area directly South of Madison is a swamp, as is a great deal of Wisconsin as the glacial areas haven’t yet (after 10 000, years) drained properly. The area I mentioned is the so-called ‘driftless area’, and has nicer topography.
I think the Ring Brothers custom shop is in the area also. Some limestone caverns, Frank Lloyd Wright stuff, gambling in Dubuque and lots of good independent diners to eat. Some glacial features.

(Scott Johnson) #9

Alright, I just joined the Illinois Jaguar Club. Now I just need to get my new purchase on the road.

(Mr. Phelps) #10

While not in the chicago club, i have a small farm in northern Illinois/Harvard.
My wife and I are in Florida winters only. my “under restoration” E resides in Florida. If you are nearby I would visit if time allows.

(Scott Johnson) #11

I’d love a visit! We’re a little ways away, down I-88. We live just north of the small town of Geneseo, which is just east of Moline/Davenport.