Forum Mute/Ignore Feature

If a particular user has become tiresome, click their user name. You can set them to “Mute” or “Ignore” and for a duration such as “Forever”. Very handy!


Yep! Indeed a handy feature…:wink:

Yup, some of us have some in mind already…

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Yes, a handy feature that I feel sure will take away ‘the irritation’ that I’ve been experiencing for a couple of months now. Thanks for pointing out this feature.

Wow! It really works! Good to know.

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Wow!!! That’s cold.
I hope if I was in danger of being muted someone might PM me first.
I like to think I am trainable.

Like they say - what goes around come around…

Big thanks to the topic owner. Considering a fact of being representative of the snowflake generation - due to fragility, this will allow me to stay in my safe space and fully use the benefits of political correctness.

Hopefully aged, self-appointed guards of the old system can also benefit… :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Based on the ‘mute’ button, I’ve literally just been reminded NOT to look on the jag XJS forum web page. :man_facepalming:t4: