Found a picture today

Some might have wondered, why i cut out the entire left rear wing of my V12 XJ SIII when I was restoring it…

Well, today I found the pictures of the reason why on an old hard drive…

Don’t get scared:

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Ouch! What was the rest of the car like?!?

You’ve done an amazing job Patrick!

Hi Harry,

The window frames were more or less non existant, as was this left rear wing.
The rest of the car was in remarkably good shape. No rust on the floor pan, no rust on the doors, sills etc.
There had been a sunroof leak, so the liner was shot, the sunroof motor was rusted solid.
I managed to take that apart and repair it myself though.

The engine had a 2mm crack on the top of the distributorcap which was basically split in halve, but it ran none the less.
You could watch the rotor turn within, when the engine was running.
Full engine service (with oil system flush), an new aircon filter/dryer and compressor and a R134a mod, a new brake booster, new front left brake calliper, new Monroe shocks, revised starter and generator, two new cam cover gaskets and some vacuum tubing, that was all I have done to the car mechanically since i bought it. It purrs and guzzles like a hungry kitten ever since…and, most importantly: still no rust, after 4 years…

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It is funny how some areas can be in very good condition while others are disintegrating. I have seen this as well, but not quite to that extend :slight_smile:

When we cut out the wing, we could see how this damage had been allowed to develop:

The window frame had severe rust damage and the rain water could seep in very easily, On the inner wing, there is a bulkhead, which can be seen in the picture above.
The water ran down, along this bulkhead (that lightly had touched the outter wing over the years, because of decomposing sealant between the two) and down into the wheel well, that had rusted through too.

When fitting the new wing, we modified this situation in such a way that the bulkhead would never again touch the panel.



Yes, very funny! :smiley:

A single pop rivet end can block the drain pipe of the rear side screen area inside the XJC sill. Ask me how I know.

The LH entire sill assembly had to be replaced along with half a floorpan. But
I’m glad the RH side is fine. :slight_smile:

Btw I’ve said it before but that cured a flexing of the body which was only noticed if hitting some bumps at 100-120km/h. The car would pull to the right when going up and to the left when coming down. Ever since that operation (2012) she goes straight! :slight_smile:


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The term, “flayed to the bone” comes to mind!

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I was wondering how anyone could look at that rust damage and decide this car was a good candidate for repairs.

You need a trained eye for that… :wink:

Verzonden vanaf mijn Galaxy

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Just another reason I never take these cars out in the rain!

Or another reason to clean the sunroof drains (if you have one) AND the air intake drains, the A/C drains and the fuel filler box drains. You don’t need to drive in rain, all you need to do is wash the car a few times per year. :slight_smile:

I had my E-type fuel filler box drain completely clogged, and I thought I had been taking great care of it! YMMV.


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But… but… that puts water alllllll over it!!



Riiiiigggght! :smiley:


Hey, If it isn’t supposed to get wet, it shouldn’t have become a car…

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No, Just dust it off and clean the glass… No wash jobs. And for sure no rain or automatic washers…


My car is dusty. my neighbor offered to pressure wash it!! No thanks,Carl