Found a pile of crap today!

So I decided to do my oil today and while it was draining I looked at the gap between the radiator support and the oil cooler. I remembered that I had seen what looked like bees nest material, but forgot to check it a while back. I took my wrench and kinda dug at it. Some came out and it looked kinda like plastic. I started wondering if maybe the previous owner had put plastic in front of the radiator, but never told me. I decided to go up top and pull the cover to see if I could get more out. Sure enough it was packed in there! It ended up being a lot of leaves and such, and also the plastic was actually a deteriorating plastic grocery bag! I cleared it all out. The only thing I can think is that it must have been on the road somewhere and got sucked up in between! I don’t think a mouse would have put it in!