Found a wrench 9/16th

While working up front on rust issues in the wheel well, I glanced back and noticed this wrench tightly attached to a nut. Might be on the seat bolt? It barely stood up to the sands of time:


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And THAT is how one ends up with so many extra tools…:wink:

Or not in the PO’s case :slight_smile:

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In the Universal scheme of things… it all balances out.


I love finding random things like that from previous owners. When I restored my wood a couple of years ago I signed and dated it. Though it would be a treat for someone in 20 year time :slight_smile

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How about a vise grip in an XK120 (not mine). I believe it is clamped to the LF gas tank support rod.

In the door of my 120 I found a 1960s era prospectus for some property in Arizona, one of those planned towns not yet built, being used as a wedge to hold the window up.

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I found a PO had signed and dated my Lucas distributor. He had left no air gap, so the star wheel grinded itself away on the pickup coil! I sanded his name off of my car.

got lucky with a rusty old MKVII Jag out in a field one time, scored a few Garrington spanners
still in the drivers side toolbox…worst part, couldnt get access to the PS side

In the glove box of my '51 suburban was a 10 year fuel log with prices in the 30 cent/gal range and a letter from the propane company with the owners name and town, no street no zip code and a 3 cent first class Pitney-Bowes stamp.

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Similar treasure in my 1938 SS saloon, a Lucas booklet dated May 1958 of all their battery agents in England, Wales, Scotland, the Channel Islands, Northern Ireland and Eire, with a log record in the front cover for 1959, listing dates, mileage, petrol and oil used. Sad to see that from Dec 1959 to Jan 2018 the car covered only 12,000 miles on its own, and about the same on a ship and trucks.

an woman’s earring…found in a Corvette…after two owners later…years later…led to the arrest of a serial killer…a much prior owner …and the only one with a possible link to the earring,.

Very cool vessel! Had a customer with one… whatta tank!