Found a wrench 9/16th

While working up front on rust issues in the wheel well, I glanced back and noticed this wrench tightly attached to a nut. Might be on the seat bolt? It barely stood up to the sands of time:


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And THAT is how one ends up with so many extra tools…:wink:

Or not in the PO’s case :slight_smile:

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In the Universal scheme of things… it all balances out.


I love finding random things like that from previous owners. When I restored my wood a couple of years ago I signed and dated it. Though it would be a treat for someone in 20 year time :slight_smile

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How about a vise grip in an XK120 (not mine). I believe it is clamped to the LF gas tank support rod.

In the door of my 120 I found a 1960s era prospectus for some property in Arizona, one of those planned towns not yet built, being used as a wedge to hold the window up.

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I found a PO had signed and dated my Lucas distributor. He had left no air gap, so the star wheel grinded itself away on the pickup coil! I sanded his name off of my car.

got lucky with a rusty old MKVII Jag out in a field one time, scored a few Garrington spanners
still in the drivers side toolbox…worst part, couldnt get access to the PS side

In the glove box of my '51 suburban was a 10 year fuel log with prices in the 30 cent/gal range and a letter from the propane company with the owners name and town, no street no zip code and a 3 cent first class Pitney-Bowes stamp.

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