Found my XK8 Under a tree

(Tony) #1

I picked up my 1999 XK8 convertible from under a tree where it had sat for 7 years.
Naturally it had been covered but it still had its share of leaves in and around it. When I got it started, using the usual steps to start an engine that has sat for a while, it purred like a happy cat. So 7 months
of elbow grease I have the car running and looking good.
I just finished the interior but I am at a loss to find the bezels and handles for the seat back release latches.
I can’t find them anywhere. So, I am asking if anyone on the Forum can steer me in the right direction, they are the last items needed to complete my interior revitalization.

Thanks for your help, getting the exterior painted next.

(Grahame Loader) #2

Last October my 98 XK8 was written off. Intact Insurance was the company that ended up owning it. You might try googling their Calgary office to see how it was disposed of. Also, here are two websites that find cars over a range of wreckers; and I’m located in the Calgary area, so this might not help you.

(Tony) #3

Thanks Grahame, I will give them a try.

(Stephen J. Niznik) #4

I just got some hard to find trim parts from Richard Hartwell.
Give him a try he may be able to help you.


(Tony) #5

Thanks Stephen, I will give it a try tomorrow. I will post results.