Found this XJ for sale in Thailand. Pls help me decide

My last possiblity fuzzled out, now this one comes along complete with similar mysteries. 1985 XJ6 Series 2. Airlines executive bought ten years ago for $10K and has spent a ton on it, including new black paint years ago and specifically an engine swap :rage::rage:. I know, I know, blasphemy! BUT for him the reason was sound. Ever driven in Bangkok? Constantly bumper to bumper, in 95° to 105°+, idling for ten minutes again and again. He loved the Jag but the overheating issue rendered the 30 yr old LimeyMobile just too unreliable. So he had a 3 litre 24 valve Toyota engine installed. Problem solved.

He has too many cars so this one had been parked for I think about 2-3 years uncovered in the blistering sun which fried the interior and stressed the paint. He is in the process of preparing it for repainting. Here are the photos the he sent me.



Never dull moment in my quest to get into a Jag here in the Land of Smiles!

This is a TOTAL restoration project Don…
Interior is shot, paint also, and probably badly done to start peeling like that, and the engine hasn’t turn for how many years ?
The condition under the windshield is not that promising either.
Big big project, and If rusty even bigger.
At least it’s complete and the seats look repairable.
I like the XJ40 wheels, but ask if they are metric, because if they are be prepared to pay big bucks whenever you will need to change tires.

Good luck !

What an interesting engine swap! Would love to know how that performs.

That leather can be saved, iff no one sits on it, prior to restoration.

The late Andrew Waugh was a master at this issue.

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Aristides, thank you for your comments but you and I have vastly differing definitions for “total restoration”. I don’t consider that interior “shot” at all. I am disappointed it has hardened as it has but it can be made to at least look decent. I’ve never had any luck softening up dry leather in a Jag, but hear a great product exists in the UK (I have the name somewhere). As for the engine, it is currently being checked out by a mechanic and an engineer is remedying any wiring/electrical issues.

I am just looking for an affordable Jag that I can fix up and putter with in my unlimited free time. And BTW, Thailand is metric. I’m awaiting the VIN, I don’t even know if it was born in England or assembled in New Zealand yet.

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I just took a close look at the tires, 21?/70R15’s - 97H rated, so not metric.

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My vote, if I had one, which I surely do not, is for the first one. reassure the lady of your intentions and make a deal. She oughta be flattered?? Perhaps, she is and fears, not you, but herself!! “Temptation”, a slinky song by a past TV actress haunts me… Cote d’ Pablo as 'Ziva" NCIS.



Yes, I agree with you Carl.
The first one, even being a Frankenstein, seemed more “manageable”.
The lady though, it’s a different story !!

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Buy the Land Rover…


Mr. Porter,

The rust around the front screen has me worried that this has some real rust issues. You may wish to contact, if possible, the concern that did the engine swap and find out if it was done well. The interior looks very save-able. If it runs well, buy it and have some fun.

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Guys, let me be clear. I also much prefer the other one, overheat-prone notwithstanding. But it may have been beyond my reach anyway. And saving $3.5K speaks for itself.

That said, I sent her a message dangling the feasibility of future offer and asked her point blank if she would still sell the car. Crickets so far …

If she still turns me down, something else is going on.

It’s a very crusty looking euro-spec S3 (i.e. not a S2 or even potentially assembled in New Zealand (time to give that one a rest now!)). Looking through the photos is a really depressing activity, it’s in a terrible condition and I can only imagine what the underside and mechanical bits are like. Throwing new paint on this will fix nothing at all. In an odd turn of events, the Toyota engine-conversion is really the high point of it!

The fact that the first one, aka the bitsathisbitsathat FrankenJag, comes across as the least worst buy is quite telling.

I’d keep looking.



It is not a Series 2, Don - it is a Series3 by looks and year…:slight_smile:

A close-up of the front and rear screen surround might show the extent of required rust repairs - and indicate whether further rust inspections should be carried out.

This relate to safety issues beyond ‘putter with’ - but short of total restoration. The Toyota engine is highly reputed - and should cause no problems…

I agree with Aristides on the paint job, the respray seems a shoddy quickfix - but I rather agree with you on the interior.

Incidentally; however metric a country, tyre manufacture is international - and have stayed stubbornly with inches. Finding the appropriate Jaguar metric tyres may indeed be a costly affair - very few tyre manufacturers produce them…

But swapping rims is no big deal anyway…:slight_smile:

xj6 85 Sov Europe (UK/NZ)

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Howz this for a VIN!


Heere we go again!

I’ll break down and edit it in here.


I m last here can help you.
you received already best informazione… …
If i can , i would tell you about others parts outside engine, right Toyota help you but others parts ??? Gear ?? Differential ? Rear e Front suspension or brakes…and paint. All can call works and Money. you do evaluate all parts…
I don’t know well you need but in order your working condition what you think about xj40 or x300 they Have perhaps An improved cooling system without buy a Toyota engine…