Foundry and engine assembly film

I’m sure this will have been posted a thousand times, but here it is again:


That’s a great video! Thanks for posting it.

I believe that’s part of this video, One Leap Ahead.

Watch this last one. It is in real time whereas the former is speeded up. Not that you care, but at 5:10 the head comes out of an oven? washer? with my name on it. I wonder where that fortune went?

Also interested to see that even as early as '61 Jaguar were using synthetic enamel in place of cellulose. Anybody know when they actually changed? I’d suspect late fifties.

Late 1952; it is described in Service Bulletin 114 dated December '52 as having already begun, with OTS, FHC and Mark VII body numbers quoted. We believe it may have coincided with the move from the Foleshill factory and ordinary body trolleys to Brown’s Lane and the swiveling body trolleys.