Four or five speed transmisson converstion

Was wondering if anyone on here has thought about a conversion from automatic to a standard transmission and what options are out there to make that possible. I know the old 4.2 engines could be converted to a borg-warner five speed or some such, but have not seen anything on conversions for the newer cars.

Footnote to above. My understanding is that some of the later Astons were available with a 5 or 6 speed and the companies were ‘sisters’ while Ford ran them.
Is there some sort of a cross breed opportunity here?

Probably but you are getting into a whole area of pain as you are going to need to source elcktrikery boxes as well.

Hi, there is a mob who did this a few years ago in the UK. They used the auto bell housing, the auto drive plate. Made their own manual clutch flywheel and bolted it to the drive plate. Very smart! They mad an adapter plate to mount the gear box (a Gretrag I think) to the auto bell housing. Made their own spigot and adapted an XJS pedal box. The real smart thing was the development of a box to to fool the ecu into thinking the auto was still there. Apparently, it went quite well. Cant remember the name of the company, but maybe a google search will get it. I read about it in a magazine… on the web I think. Cheers

I think they raced it too if I’m not mistaken. They used to advertise the conversion in JEC magazine

A quick Google search resulted in this article showing up. Not a bad read.