Free 90 Owners Handbook

Hi gents;

I posted this in the “other” forum as well:

I am an E type, XJS and X type owner. No XJ40 for now. The XJS and E type where my grandfathers from new, and sadly, I lost the all the handbooks, service records, window stickers and literature during a move. …Thanks to friends, forum members and ebay, I have been able to obtain nearly all the literature, handbooks etc for the cars, but I simply can not find the correct and original leather/vinyl handbook wallets for my cars in any decent shape, so I have decided to use the wallets that came in the XJ40 with the lovely green marbled leather (vinyl?) and embossed growler, as they are the most aesthetically pleasing and durable…I have gotten a couple thru eBay and they have come with XJ40 manuals that I do not need

First person to reply gets them, just please take care of shipping — everything in the photo included.

PM sent- thank you