Free BW66 transmissions

I have two BW66 transmissions, one that has been rebuilt, if someone wants to come get them. The rebuilt one came out of a parts car that supposedly drove, and has a rebuild sticker on the torque converter. The fluid that came out of looked nice. Somewhere, I have an old rebuild receipt. The other came with an engine taken out of an xj6 that was being converted to Chevy and may also be good.

Did I mention these are free? Sorry, but I don’t feel like shipping. I live in Olympia, WA.

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Grrrrr!!! So close, yet so far.

2400 mile RT…


Have it put on a pallet and trucked. Will be cheaper than gas and lodging to get it.

Were it not for the OP, stating this…

…I probably would.

Missed that.

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Ron, I sent you a PM…did you see it?

did not, but I’ll respond with a PM.

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Ron, I must apologize, for I completely forgot to put your name on the tribute plate on the jeep! Don’t feel bad… You weren’t the only one! This winter I will have yours and the other Lister’s name added to it.

No worries. Glad that you got some use out of it. Are you driving it?

1700 miles, this summer!

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