Free - Moss box and Xk140 parts

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Description :I have what I believe is a Moss gearbox # EB 6235 JS and a selection of XK 140 parts that I am willing to give for free to anyone that will use them. I don’t want to give them to someone that will simply resell them.
Parts include:
Bell housing to go with gearbox
Mk V11 and XK120 shop manual in patinated leather folder
(1) Brake hub and plate with shoes
Bumper over riders, (1) 2 ear spinner, license plate light, door handle.

I’m afraid these are for pickup only, I’m in Riverside California.


Asking price (if selling): Free

Location: Southern California

Contact information:

Cost of shipping (if selling):

Willing to ship worldwide?

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Dear Alan,

It’s great that some persons are giving away to good hands rather than selling.

I cannot take the offer, though I would love to vowing not to sell, as many parts would be very fitting for my XK120 FHC.

Would you at the end of the day ship (with me covering the cost, how can it be otherwise?) I would gladly take the ear spinners and the shop manual.

Many thanks and hope you find a good home for them.



Hi LLuis,

Where abouts are you located? The reason for the pickup request is that a couple of years ago I fractured a vertebrae riding a dirt bike and it simply hurts if I do any serious lifting.

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Thanks for the reply. In The Netherlands…

Hi, new user to JL here but lifelong Jaguar guy, so not familiar with the the site yet but just saw your very generous ad offer. Last month, I did a blitz up Route 66 from SoCal to tow home an XK140 DHC, making your bits of interest. My new cat is complete so my need not urgent, but I do have an extra gearbox in need of a bellhousing and if you need the space I’d be happy to have the spares. The geography isn’t a problem as I live at Lake Arrowhead.

Hi Gregory,

You are most welcome to the parts. I’m in Riverside. When would be a good time for you to pick them up?

I’m retired so pretty much anytime is good for me.