Freezing MPG display (false alarm) Now radio frequency change

Hi all, just replaced my S11 XJ6 with a 2006 3.0 X400
I need to confirm this but I have a feeling that when I stop the car and then start a new journey the average mpg figure does not update, I need to hit the reset button to start it registering again. Any thoughts?

I’m not sure what your problem is. The trip computer should keep calculating the MPG until it is manually reset. If you are experiencing a steady consumption, then you would not see a change in the MPG figure. Shutting down the engine and then starting up again does not reset the trip computer.

I’ll know if I have a problem later in the week. What appears to be happening is that the trip computer registers Ave MPG when I reset it manually. On subsequent trips it appears to not continue updating.
I realise that the trip is not reset at every restart, (some cars do do that)

IIRC my 1997 and 2001 trip computers had separate Average and Instantaneous MPG display modes.

The Average mode would change quite a bit right after a refueling reset. Then change slower and slower as the tank emptied.

The Instantaneous mode would update practically every second. Swinging wildly depending on load. 2 or less going up steep hills. 99.99 (display overflow) descending with zero throttle.

Look for a very tiny “AVG” in the corner of the display?

Yes same for this, on another topic one of our club members managed to change the radio frequency range using his Autologic diagnostic tool.
By simultaneously depressing the AM/FM and disc eject buttons the display shows the different regions the radio will work in;
US,Japan, Europe and Australia.
Unfortunately that screen was not user modifyable (?) and fixed on Japan.
I can now select the NZ frequencies :clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap: