Freon capacity for 1988 xj40

Does Anybody know how much Freon and 88 Jag should hold

I just answered this on the other Jag forum. (you need .pdf JTP 425)

Jaguar Training Publication will have all the info for retrofitting R134a to most of the recent Model Jaguars that used R12.

Recommendations including all the charge weights for the refrigerant are in the publication.

Gus should have it on his site or search the interweb for JTP_425.

William …

I would guess your '88 is the same as the '89, R-12 and 40 oz.

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If you’re converting your R-12 FREON system to R-134a REFRIDGERANT the rule of thumb is to take the R12 charge specification and multiply it by 0.9. Then, subtract that result by 0.25 pounds to get the proper amount of R134a charge. So in your case the answer is 35.75 oz, or 2.23 lbs.