Friends; I need some help here!

I have an 04 X Type wagon that the wipers have quit working on. I need to find a source for an exploded diagram of the wiper assembly. Does anyone know of any service bulletins on the wipers? I think that it is something as simple as a connection coming apart.

I would appreciate any ideas anyone has. I’ve posted on this before and got no response.

No idea, just start dismantling?

Could it be a bad fuse???

Do you have a test light? 1st step.

Thanks for your replys.

I know it is not electrical as I can hear the motor operate when I trigger a single swipe. The link between the two wiper arms is intact because I can move both arms manually by moving one or the other. When the arms are in the rest position and I trigger the motor, the arms will move up about 2 inches and stop. I am assuming from this that there is a disconnect between the motor assembly and the wiper arms. The diagram I was able to get from Coventry West was of limited help.

I’m concerned how to get the cover off without breaking it and was hoping someone had fixed this before and could tell me “it’s probably this rivet and you can fix it with a bolt”. I was also hoping someone could direct me to a source of service bulletins for this.

Have you looked on any Mondeo forums? They may have come across this problem.
One of my XJ40’s developed a fault similar to what you are describing and that was the cup that a ball joint ran in had collapsed and the ball fell out of the connecting bar.

Thanks, I’ll have a look at that.

Sounds like the linkage came loose. Wish I could help with the diagram, I hunting documents also. Have you seen if there’s a YouTube video on it?

Not sure if this will help;

Thanks. The assembly looks like the diagram. I couldn’t hear him clearly explaining how he took the cover off. Does anyone know if the North American Ford Focus is the same?

It’s finally fixed. After dithering around all summer worrying about what was wrong and if I could source parts from auto wreckers, My friend, who restores MG’s, said to bring it to his place and lets take it apart and see what’s wrong. With me having visions of finding a broken part made of unobtainium, we took the wiper arms off and popped off the plastic cover. Friend said “check to see if the nut is loose”. Friend said he was talking about the one behind the wheel. THE NUT WAS LOOSE. Tightened the nut; tested several times; looked good; reinstalled wiper arms. DISASTER. Wipers tried to wipe everything but windshield. HINT; take a picture of articulating arms at park position before moving everything. After much head scratching, we concluded we’d reattached the articulating mechanism in the wrong position. After some fiddling we got it right. buttoned everything up and now I have working wipers again.

Hopefully, if anyone else has this trouble, my experience will be helpful.

Yep generally the bonnet dosen’t need wiping :crazy_face: