Front bumper 1973 Jaguar XJ6 S1

(Robert Wilkinson) #21

Early 73 build…does it have (in addition to what you mentioned) the later style door latches? That was the year where US regs required steel crash guards in all of the doors, plus new door latches that are recognized by a metal loop in front of the B and C-pillars (still used). Just wondering because they could swap all of the parts you mentioned while using an early entire welded-up body that would technically be worthless for the 73 model year without modifying the pillars and doors. Of course, they could go ahead and swap the front bumper even if they did that.

Agree about the parts manual…seems to be an omission, in that it doesn’t show a separate parts breakout for 73 on the hinge diagram, although it does for the bumper parts.

(Steven Raskind) #22

It seems that you could cut it, but I don’t believe you can get the bumper as close to car as it should be, it leaves lower part of radiator visible. I give up. My rubber on overrides are slightly torn. If anyone knows where I could find some please let me know. Thanks it’s been fun.

(Robert Wilkinson) #23

I think they might be hard to find in good condition. But, as I mentioned, it’s very easy to fit the earlier overriders in place of the 73 version. Fogs still won’t work, but look better than the stock ones IMO and probably cheaper to source.

(Paul) #24

Thanks for photo.

Wow. That’s massive stuff, and appears unusual to me.

I have both a '72 and '73 out back with both style bumpers…if you need any info it is no trouble at all fwiw.

PS: Wow your cars look great…sigh.

(Robert Wilkinson) #25

Your car looks great, too, Paul. I just clicked on your icon to have a better look. Hahaha–your statement of home country is hilarious! I feel exactly the same way. This too will pass, hopefully.

(Paul) #26

Sorry, but I cheated. Image downloaded from internet. :wink:
Kind regards

(sawyer10702) #27

My 72 with guards.

(Steven Raskind) #28

Hey Mike do you have a photo that would show space between bumper and lower radiator? Looked at mie before we cut anything and it appears to not get close enough to hide radiator. May just cut and put old overrider on 73 bumper.Your car is fabulous. Do you have extra rubber for 73 overriders? Thank you Steven

(RustfreeMike) #29

Steven - not sure what you mean… if you look at @Robert_Wilkinson pic above of his maroon 73 with Daimler grill, he cut off the bottom of the big mount and put the old-style overriders on. Obviously you would need to fit the old-style bumper as well so the overriders are out of the way of the fog lights in the horn grills.

If you already have the older style bumper you could avoid cutting anything by changing the hinges cause apparently that’s how my 73 must have been done before I got it based on what we figured out on this thread. It doesn’t look any different from the front than my 2 72’s. Below is my 73 with early bumper and hinge.

David Boger from Everyday XJs may have some:

(Robert Wilkinson) #30

Another beautiful S1, Mike. My 71 was that colour originally, but with Russet interior.

I just had a look. My bumper is about 1 inch from the bonnet, and as close to the wings as is reasonable. IIRC, I moved it back by adjusting some distance pieces in the mounts, and doing so was a PITA because of access with a wrench. I can see nothing behind the bumper unless I shine a flashlight–I then see the AC condenser, some distance away.

I’m not sure what your “lower radiator” is, Steven. Perhaps the condenser is too far forward? Or is it an oil cooler as fitted to the Xj12? Mark X’s had both upper and lower AC condensers, but I would doubt if you have that.

(Paul Breen pay palled it) #31

Mine is about 3/8" away from the body and has always been this way. Paul

(Steven Raskind) #32

Tomorrow I will have it cut, at that time I will see how close it can be. Either I will mount old style overriders on 73 bumper or mount earlier bumper with earlier style overriders. Could it be that like Porsche , when 74’s came out they still used some parts from 73. Your cars are all very beautiful. I have dyed the seats on mine and spent way too much to get it running, don’t intend to make it a show car just a nice driver. I believe it is original paint and interior.

/Users/stevenraskind/Pictures/Icloud photos.photoslibrary/resources/proxies/derivatives/36/00/364c/x9KSLOiiQtSz9PTv8LPwsA_thumb_364c.jpg /Users/stevenraskind/Pictures/Icloud photos.photoslibrary/resources/proxies/derivatives/36/00/364e/UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_364e.jpg

(PeterCrespin) #33

The big hinge difference, and possibly the one Doug was referencing, is between 74-79 (Series 2 North America) and earlier RoW versions. I have just mailed off a set of Series 2 hinges with a complete RoW bumper kit front and rear and hinges/lower grille etc. The other potential 'gotcha is the difference between model year and registration year, or early/late months of transition years. E.g. my XJ12 is a late 79, which in the UK would normally be regarded as into the S3 period. This thread seems to suggest there are two versions of the Series 1 bumper hinge, which the parts book would clarify. I have broken my own golden rule and not bought the XJ12 S2 parts book, just the manual. Tsk, tsk!.

(Steven Raskind) #34

Check out this Facel Vega HK 500. I think the front end looks similar to XJ series1

/Users/stevenraskind/Pictures/Icloud photos.photoslibrary/resources/proxies/derivatives/36/00/3650/UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_3650.jpg

(PeterCrespin) #35

No Facile Vegans were harmed in the design of the purring feline Series 1

(Steven Raskind) #36

Ha Ha, glad to know.

(Paul Breen pay palled it) #37

Nice to have so much original!

(phillip keeter) #38

[quote=“PeterCrespin, post:33, topic:370221”]
I have just mailed off a set of Series 2 hinges with a complete RoW bumper kit front and rear and hinges/lower grille etc. [/quote]

And it will be my best Christmas present ever! Gracias’ e Feliz Navidad

(Steven Raskind) #39

Yes they are different, don’t know if you can cut enough off of brace to allow you to use them , but we are going to try.

/Users/stevenraskind/Pictures/Icloud photos.photoslibrary/resources/proxies/derivatives/36/00/36af/UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_36af.jpg
/Users/stevenraskind/Pictures/Icloud photos.photoslibrary/resources/proxies/derivatives/36/00/36b2/UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_36b2.jpg

(Steven Raskind) #40

Here is the bumper mounted./Users/stevenraskind/Pictures/Icloud photos.photoslibrary/resources/proxies/derivatives/37/00/3741/stale_thumb_3741.jpg
/Users/stevenraskind/Pictures/Icloud photos.photoslibrary/resources/proxies/derivatives/37/00/3744/stale_thumb_3744.jpg

Here are overriders and bumper mounted

/Users/stevenraskind/Pictures/Icloud photos.photoslibrary/resources/proxies/derivatives/37/00/3741/UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_3741.jpg
/Users/stevenraskind/Pictures/Icloud photos.photoslibrary/resources/proxies/derivatives/37/00/3744/UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_3744.jpg