Front bumper bracket

Got the body and the frame together. All seems lined up well. However, we cannot see any way to install the inner front bumper bracket (spring steel about 3’ long in a shallow “y” shape) without bringing the front of the body up about 8-10 inches to get the bracket in place, then lowering the works into place. Unfortunately, steering column in place and don’t want to take apart. Planning to disconnect steering box from the frame and raising the whole works to get the bracket in place. Any better suggestions?

No. Other than lifting the body in order to fit what’s called the “cowhorn”, your only other option is to cut said horn into two or more pieces, install, then weld back together in situ. You are far from the first who’s been down this road and I wish there was some sort of warning about this in the maintenance manuals. My last car came to me without its cowhorn – telling me it had its body raised in the past – so I can sympathize with your plight. Myself, I’d bite the bullet and raise the body in order to refit it.

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The factory would have had an orchestrated assembly plan, including exactly when to attach each component to the body or frame, the goal being ease of assembly, efficiency and saving of worker’s time. I wish we had a copy of that plan, but it has not surfaced.

Some of us have studied these photos and come to the tentative conclusion that the cow horn must have been tucked up inside the body temporarily as they did this step.

Also notice that the steering column is not there, so it had to have been installed afterwards. With the FHC at least, my belief is that the steering column was put in before the instrument panel.

Thank you Christopher!

Thank you Rob, now to elevate the nose!

Here is a link to my journey through the "cowhorn " dilemma.

Bump your front bumper and bend up the works…

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