Front bumper mystery for my OTS S2?

Several months ago I had gotten replacement front bumpers from SNG for my S2 OTS. Upon fitting them they turned out to be shorter than the ones I was replacing on my car (?) and as a result the holes for the front bolt would not line up.

I returned them to SNG and Jeremy was going to try to ask the team in England to look into it. We all know what happened in the world over the past year so no surprise that there is not an answer available yet.

In the picture below, my original bumper is the one in the back with the one I got from SNG in the front…the picture exaggerates the difference, it was closer to 1-1/2 inches shorter…
Have any of you ever heard about two different sizes for the front bumpers on a Series 2?

Is it possible you car has S3 bumpers? The forward facing stud is for the overriders, no?

A few month back I ordered a new front bumper for my 69 S2 FHC from SNG, along with a new overrider due to a dent, some rust, and the PO had used too long of a bolt on the overrider and drove the shaft of the bolt through the front of the overrider.

Mindful of after market parts not matching the original I held the two side by side and mine were identical and the new one fit exactly as the original one did. I was a happy camper.

Any chance you simply got a bad one? Did they measure the ones in stock versus the one they sent you?

Michael, you are correct that the forward facing stud is for the overriders. I had the same issue with both of the front bumpers and both came in boxes marked with the correct part number (per SNG) BD35576 and BD35577. But certainly anything is possible!

Bob, could I ask a favor? Would you be able to measure the outside dimensions (from end-to-end) of one of your bumpers and let me know? That way I can directly compare the measurements of my existing bumpers with another S2…


I have two measurements for you. The first is from the tip of the bumper (on the body) to approximately the end of the bumper under the overrider. This is on the outside edge of the bumper at its widest part = 28 inches

The second measurement is on the inside edge of the bumper front its tip to the end of the bumper as measured on top of the rubber strip that is against the body of the car = 25 inches

Both the drivers side and the passenger side are identical.

Thanks Bob!

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What did you find…

Bob, I’ll be checking it out later today and will let you know.


That is the correct measurement. No idea what I got before. Just got off the phone with William at SNG and he’s sending a right front and left front to me today (pre-measured).


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Will is a great guy, he’s the main one I deal with at SNG.

Just to follow up. Got the new bumpers from SNG and installed them today. Perfect fit. I’ve no idea what was sent to me before but all is well now.