Front end cam bolts

(Dale Warrington) #1

The Jaguar dealers should be arrested for grand larceny! Took my XK-8 in for a front end alignment ($149.95), about double what a normal one cost. Then , to add salt to the wound, they call me and tell me that they have to install cam bolts on the lower control arm to get it to align. $68.83 each for the bolts, and 2 hrs @ $175.00/hr to install. I own an auto restoration and rod shop, so naturally I told them I would buy and install the bolts. Car is on the lift. Took the 4 bolts out of the steering rack, removed the old bolts, and installed the new ones in less than 30 minutes. Would have been faster, but I wasn’t sure about how much load needed to be on the control arm. Turns out, the wheel needs to be off the ground. Bought the bolts on line for $92.33 for the pair, including priority mail.Could easily be done at home on jack stands.

(Dale Warrington) #2

Cam bolt part # JZB100086

(motorcarman) #3

Took my XK-8 in for a front end alignment

Why wouldn’t you do a 4 wheel alignment??? The rear is important. I always did a 4 wheel align when I worked at the dealer.


(Dale Warrington) #4

It was to be a 4 wheel alignment. Have an appointment to get it done tomorrow.