Front end suspension again

ive always wondered… if wider tires wheels etc put extra strain on bearings and axles

Yes, I tried the aftermarket URO upper wishbone bushings, were bad within 2 years. Very easy to replace though, so thought I would try the cheapies.

I decided to go with poly for the uppers, so far so good. No difference in ride.
I also have lower poly bushings, will be doing that this winter.
I think MOSS sells them both.

Regarding anti roll bar bushings, I tried poly and they did not work well. I ended up buying OEM and they work great.

I did everything in the upper suspension a few years ago, not that hard doing anti sway bar bushings, upper wishbone bushings, shocks/bushings, and both ball joints. Make SURE to buy the Lemforder sealed ball joints. I’ve been putting off the lower suspension until this winter.

Thanks a lot , this is all very good information. I’m starting to scope it all out for my winter project. This is the year the new springs go on , new tires etc. So i want to get everything in place prior to the next alignment and not have to do it twice.

I think anytime you go with bigger stickier tires you’re likely adding more stress on the components especially under harder cornering and braking situations. Which probably begs the question are the stock components enough to handle the additional stresses over time. I do believe in some ways that the XJ-S was designed with larger over sized components just for the shear size and weight of the car designed to go at greater than normal speeds. How many owners back in the day were weekend racers and went straight to their local track with very few modifications. I’m guessing that the TWR racing XJ-S’s beefed up their suspension and steering components though.

I’m doing the same this winter…new springs/bottom bushings, steering rack bushings, p/s lines…so we can share information. Although I’m also dropping the subframe first and doing the oil pan gaskets, so mine will be a bit more involved. Was going to do it last winter, but just didn’t have the enthusiasm.

Poly might work OK for the inner anti roll bar bushings, but not as well for the links. You’re right, though, OEM rubber works fine there.

The one place where poly is definitely recommended on the XJ-S is the steering rack mounts. Other than that, it’s largely a matter of personal preference, soft vs. firm – and not usually a significant difference in durability.

The Lemforder ball joints are a must, though – all four joints. There may be a couple of aftermarkets that work well enough, but looking for the Lemforder brand is the way to make sure.

Sounds like a good idea Greg. Like I said earlier I’m not a suspension or steering expert but I’m willing to go down the rabbit hole to compare information. If I have a fault it’s definitely to do things the correct way. Seems to me suspension and steering in these cars are a fairly important thing to get right.