Front End Suspension

I have a problem with my recently acquired 73 XJ6. There is an excessive amount of play in the steering. It is most noticeable when on an open road at moderate speed. The amount of rotation of the steering wheel needed to move left or right is excessive.

I have a front end from a parts car that I used to have. By the front end, I mean the front suspension cross member and stub axle carrier. It weighs a ton and I would like to dispose of it to make more room in my garage.

What is the likely worn part or parts that are allowing the loose front end to happen? The donor car had only 45,000 miles so I assume that parts may be usable for this repair.

Are there any other parts worth keeping from this front end?


Check the Jag-Lovers archives for “steering rack bushings” as that is probably your issue. Sorry but I can’t help with your other questions.


Easy things first, check the outer tie rod ends for excessive play. It’s easy to replace them, but BE SURE YOU HAVE THE TOE SET PROPERLY AFTERWARD!

I completely destroyed a Beautifully treaded pair of front tires in a few months by taking someone’s word the toe was correct.

Find out where the play is, Lou…

Main suspect is tie rod ends, as mentioned - then the rack bushings. Also possible; rack/pinion wear…

Open the bonnet and look at the rack while moving the steering wheel side to side; there should be no rack body movement. If it is - replace rack bushings…

Jack up the car, grab the road wheel a ‘3/9’ o’clock and wriggle - there should be a very tiny movement (bearing play). If the movement is large; look specifically at the tie - play there is easily seen. Replace as required.

If the tie rods are tight; check for play in other areas; wishbone and upper/lower ball joints. Also; grab road wheels ‘6/12’ o’clock and again wriggle. Again, only bearing play; anything more - check ball joints or find the source…

Changing the cross member will not remedy all suspected wear - you still have to check the areas mentioned…

xj6 85 Sov Europe (UK/NZ)

Lou, read this in conjunction with what the other guys have advised: Series 1 XJ6s have an orphan steering column universal joint system - not repeated in later cars. There is one on the driver’s side of the firewall (a fail point in old cars - I have replaced mine) and a complex “extendable” universal joint at the rack tower (have had this rebuilt by a specialist in Sydney). On my car play these compounded to a point where In could turn the wheel for no movement at the rack spline. Easy enough to diagnose: naked eye or by “feel” if you get someone else turn the wheel. Paul