Front end vibration

I own a 2003 jaguar XK8 convertible with 55,000 miles. I am experiencing wheel vibration felt in the steering wheel at low speed and at 70 mph I have replaced all 4 tires with quality tires, had the front end aligned, and have had two wheel balances.

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I take it the wheel alignment place checked that the ball joints and track rod ends were in good shape?
It’s strange that there are 2 speeds where you are experiencing wheel shake, I take it its not during braking? Indicating Disc thickness variation?

Did the shop have the tools and knowledge to align Jaguar front ends? I believe that up to the XK8, there had to be a certain amount of down-force induced on the front end for the wheels to be properly aligned.

I am new to my Jaguar–less than 500 miles. I will be taking all of your suggestions to the repair shop where the head man is most eager to fix my problem. Many thanks.

The low end vibration occurs between 30-40 mph.

The wheel vibrations are quite common, most jag mechanics just say get use to it. Do have all parts inspected. Here is some tricks to help: at lower speeds use the Indy tire sidewall warming technique, side to side turns. One long block is usually is enough, watch for traffic. Another is to have the tires shaved for flatness. Do this one last, and only with new or newer tires. The Indy sidewall warm up is my preference.


Thank you so much for taking the time to respond. I will plan to employ there Indy technique immediately.


I’d start by checking the front wheel bearings , ball joints including the steering ones, all rubber bushes and don’t forget the top wishbone bushes and the crossmember sandwich mounts. Make sure the car is supported in such a way as to unload weight on bushes and mounts when you check them.

Then check the shock absorber lower and upper mounts. The top mount is harder to check and the foam deteriorates.

There’s not much point getting your wheel alignment done until the rest is checked and sorted.


Thank you John.

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Grab a hold of each tie rod by the end and see if you can wiggle it. Also check for bent rims especially on the inside.

But first add up the balance weight inside and out of each wheel. If it’s over 5 oz you have a bent rim or a bad tire.

Hello Donald,
I own a 96 convertible. same problem… did all the standard things… even had spacers machined up to make sure my wheels fitted properly… All to no avail… spent months on it and many many $… but I fixed it by accident… here’s how. get your car on a hoist so all the weight of the engine is on the front of the car… not the wheels… the loosen the bolts of the X brace under the car… the do them up again super tight… This will tighten up the support to the front of the car when you lower it, and I bet it will help. certainly solved all my problems… cheers