Front Fog Light Mounting Holes - and engine hunting when cold

Hi All
I read somewhere that there are tapped holes in the front bumper for the front fog lights
I have looked a few times and cannot see them on my bumper, nor any markings in the rubber to suggest they are underneath.
Can anyone tell me how to find them. I found the cables and fitted the cover part of the switch and 12v is there ready to go.

I have noticed in cold weather the car starts fine but then the revs hunt from 900 to 300 and sometimes it stalls. It needs a minute or two with a gentle rev before it goes back to normal. I am thinking its might be a dirty throttle body - but before i look wanted to ask for thoughts. One other thing is when it is hot it doesnt start up straight away but turns over and over. Ive check the fuel pump and none return valve and all is fine - turning key on and off to prime the line makes no difference. I just swapped out the crank shaft sensor - as i was told that could be the problem but not noticeable change. wondering if they are related and to do with the intake air temp sensor?

Any help and insights would be appreciated


Hi Ian I can’t help with the location of the holes in the bumper as its along time since I had my ‘40
WRT the hunting, try spraying the connector to the MAF, when you say you have tried the on/off cycle how many times before trying to fire do you do?

Last but certainly not least have you heard of the Andy Bracket? This replaces the normal crank shaft position sensor bracket and advances the ignition timing by a few degrees. Well worth the investment.

Hi Robin,
Thank you for your reply
i will try the connector tomorrow before i start it uo
Ive have not hear of the Andy Bracket. i will look into it
I have to run the car on premium otherwise it pinks under load.

Sounds like you might already have the Andy bracket in that case.

I’ve run mine on regular for years and it’s never pinked once.

hi Larry - interesting. for sure mine pinks terribly underload like going up a hill and accelerating

does anyone have a photo of the Andy Bracket so i can compare?

Your location and model and year of your car are not stated but on my US spec 1990 XJ6 there are two tapped holes for bolts just under the inboard 5 inch headlamp. There is a notch provided in the rubber bumper cover to expose the holes. Since my car was not fitted with fog lamps, I fitted the Jaguar accessory Cibie lamps which came with black z shaped mounting brackets.

Hi John
Mine is a 1988 VDP US Spec
ill take another look under the inner high beam lamp area of the bumper

Thank you. Pretty sure i dont have that.

Ian, I think early cars like yours may be set up differently than the late models like mine. The late models seem to be able to run on lower octane gas with no problems.

well quick update on the fog lights. I found two pre tapped holes in the bumper - these hold a bracket in place that then fastens to the fog light. I had to pull the rubber back - no markings or indentations to show they were there - but thankfully they are there and i dont need to remove the bumper to fit them

No time to try the cleaning of the MAF connector yesterday. Had to work on my old Rover 3500 SD1 that I just sold to a nice guy in NJ.