Front grill size (specs) for installing a badge

Hello fellow jaguarist,

I bought this badge : here

The vendor stated : I have the badge bar fittings listed in 3/4 or 1 inch 19mm or 25mm if required

I have no idea where or what to measure, can anyone let me know which bar fitting I will need to make it work ?

Thanks a lot

you decide where you want to fit it then if need - make or use a ready made right angle bracket or directly onto the grill with a flat bar on the inside of the grill to screw it to…like a sandwich.
go the 25mm

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Thanks, I will ask the vendor to ship it with the 25mm

This is a “badge bar” badge, the grille type are different, they fasten from behind.

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Designed to be mounted on a tubular bar using a wraparound bracket:

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wow, so many new words in one sentence, let me get my dictionary :sweat_smile: